Who Can Participate in the Survey?

The international COVAD study team, led by Dr. Latika Gupta, is studying the subjective well-being of people living with autoimmune diseases, including inclusion body myositis (IBM). The group is looking for volunteers to complete a new on-line questionnaire. Anyone over 18 who has an autoimmune/rheumatic disease OR who is healthy is eligible to participate. Healthy people are needed because the team seeks to understand differences between healthy people and people affected by autoimmune diseases.

What are the COVAD Studies?

The COVAD study team was originally formed to study COvid Vaccination in Autoimmune Diseases, but the group now has a broader interest in learning about what influences life satisfaction and quality of life for people who have autoimmune diseases. The current study, the COVAD-3 study, asks questions about health, lifestyle habits, physical abilities and limitations, mental health, and life satisfaction.

The COVAD Studies and COVID-19 and Vaccines

The COVAD-1 and COVAD-2 studies provided valuable data about COVID-19 severity, vaccine safety, vaccine hesitancy, and adverse vaccine effects in people with autoimmune diseases, including the various types of myositis.

The COVAD Studies have Provided Insights about Living with Myositis

The large amount of data also yielded useful information about topics unrelated to COVID-19. The COVAD studies have resulted in several additional research articles about people with idiopathic inflammatory myopathies (myositis), discussing the following topics:

Impaired physical function

Impaired health-related quality of life


Gender differences in patient experience

High levels of fatigue

The COVAD Studies are Important for People with Inclusion Body Myositis

Fortunately, many people with inclusion body myositis completed the COVAD-1 and COVAD-2 surveys. This allowed the surveys to provide useful information about IBM specifically, separate from the other types of myositis and other types of autoimmune diseases.

The more people with IBM who complete the COVAD-3 survey, the more the survey will tell us about IBM. If you have inclusion body myositis, complete the survey today! And remember, healthy people are needed, too, so ask a family member or friend to participate.

Kevin Dooley, MD

April 30, 2024

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