Inclusion Body Myositis – Treatment and Management

Although there is no generally effective medical inclusion body myositis treatment, many things can be done to improve the lives of those with IBM. Current medications can help some patients, and new inclusion body myositis treatments are being explored in clinical trials. Physical therapy and exercise, nutrition and weight management, fall prevention and recovery techniques, treatment of swallowing difficulties (dysphagia), and emotional support can all improve the quality of life and delay disability.

Medications are useful in certain specific situations, and supplements might be beneficial.

Clinical Trials provide hope through research.

Physical Therapy and Exercise are now accepted as valuable therapeutic activities for inclusion body myositis treatment.

Nutrition and weight management affect the health of people with IBM.

Falls are frequent, and prevention is important. Advance planning can help manage the consequences of any falls that do occur.

Swallowing difficulties, or dysphagia, affect quality of life and health. Treatments are available.

Psychology is a neglected topic. The diagnosis of a significant disease like IBM can cause depression and anxiety.

People often feel helpless when confronted with an untreatable disease. The desire to do something, anything, is powerful, especially when the prognosis without treatment appears grim. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous people try to take advantage of this situation by promoting unproven therapies. These treatments are a waste of money at best, and can even be harmful.

How do you know if a possible treatment is fraudulent?

If an inclusion body myositis treatment is pitched directly to the media, be careful. An exclusive TV news report about a solo doctor with a new treatment is suspicious. Be especially vigilant if the therapy is not covered by insurance and you are asked to pay directly. Search the internet for more information about a new drug or treatment. If an effective treatment is discovered, it will be mentioned by respected sources.

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