Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Team Cure IBM will not be able to ride our bikes in Philadelphia this summer. However, although the University of Pennsylvania, the sponsor of the Million Dollar Bike Ride (MDBR), has cancelled the ride, the MDBR will still continue as a virtual event. The organizers are encouraging riders to cycle at home, either on a regular bicycle or a stationery bike, to show their commitment and spirit for the MDBR. Most importantly, Team Cure IBM is still fundraising, working to fund a new research grant to study inclusion body myositis.

Team Cure IBM raised $72,340 last year. With $30,000 of matching funds added by the University of Pennsylvania, this resulted in a $102,340 grant which was ultimately awarded to Dr. Steven Greenberg of Harvard Medical School and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He is using the grant funding to study “Development of a Cytokine Targeted Therapy for Inclusion Body Myositis.” Because of Team Cure IBM’s success last year, we were invited back for this year’s event.

Fundraising this year is challenging. Since team members will not be traveling to Philadelphia to ride, it is harder to generate excitement for the event. We are all pre-occupied with the coronavirus pandemic, and it has caused financial hardship for many, and created additional community need for charitable donations.

Team Cure IBM has modest fundraising goals this year. Our basic goal is to raise $20,000, the minimum amount that will qualify to receive matching funds and a research grant award this year. Raising $25,000 would be ideal, since, with added matching funds, we would have $50,000, which is a typical grant size for pilot research studies.


Please consider making a small donation. Your contribution will be DOUBLED! Every dollar will be used to fund the research grant, which will be awarded to the most worthy proposal — researchers from all over the world are eligible. This is a special opportunity for your small donation to have a big impact.

Ask your family and friends if they would be willing to donate $10 each. It can be difficult to ask for donations, but it may be easier if you specify a small amount, like $10, and point out that the contribution will be doubled. Remember, people who know and love you often want to help. People who donate to worthwhile causes usually feel good about themselves afterwards, and appreciate the opportunity to make a difference.

Online donations by credit card can be made through the Team Cure IBM donation webpage.

Checks should be payable to: Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania

Checks should be mailed to:

Mailing address for Cure IBM



Individuals who would like to help fundraise are invited to set up their own fundraising webpage through the University of Pennsylvania. Cure IBM can help you set this up; contact Cure IBM at: Email address for Cure IBM

More information about the 2020 Million Dollar Bike Ride, including how to register as a virtual rider

From the Million Dollar Bike Ride website:

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, and social distancing recommendations, the Orphan Disease Center (ODC) will hold a VIRTUAL bike ride on June 13, 2020.

The ODC will continue to register cyclists for the virtual event, as 100% of your registration dollars goes towards your team’s research grant.

Although we won’t be seeing you in June for a 13, 34, or 72-mile ride, we ask and encourage you to ride on your own (or safely socially-distanced from your cycling buddy), between now and June 13th, and document your progress!

Have a stationary bike at home? Cover your miles from the comfort of your home, and share your status and progress with us along the way! 

Whether you’re on your stationary bike or on the road, we will have special hashtags for sharing on social media, and ask that you post your personal or team cycling updates throughout the next several weeks up to and including June 13th.  We will be sharing, “liking” and re-posting your updates!

As we will not be gathering in-person on June 13th, the ODC has decided to forego cyclist goodie bags and jerseys.

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