The IndeeLift

The IndeeLift is a lifting device that has now been modified to meet the needs of people with inclusion body myositis. Its primary purpose is to raise people up from the ground after they have fallen, but it has many other uses.

The IndeeLift and Falls

Steve Powell is the founder of IndeeLift. He was motivated to invent the IndeeLift because both of his parents had frequent falls, and he learned firsthand how disruptive and dangerous falls can be. The original IndeeLifts have been used successfully by emergency responders and individuals at home, but they were not ideal for people who have IBM because they only raised people to a normal sitting height. When Steve learned about inclusion body myositis he modified his machine so that the new version now raises a person sitting on the floor up to 30 inches, bringing the fallen person to a standing position. This new device is the HFL-400-STS (Human Floor Lift – 400 pound weight limit – Sit to Stand).

IBM often causes falls. Fall prevention is extremely important, but it is also important to have a plan if you do fall. The IndeeLift allows a person to be placed in a sitting position on a platform on the floor, and then be raised by simply pushing and holding a button on a corded remote control. The new version of the IndeeLift will raise to a seated height of 30 inches. People with mild or moderate IBM may be able to move themselves on the floor to the IndeeLift and get back on their feet without assistance from another person. If help is needed from someone else, the IndeeLift can prevent injury to the helper.

Additional Uses of the IndeeLift

In addition to safely assisting after falls, the IndeeLift has many additional uses for people with IBM. With the lift at home, you can voluntarily lower yourself to the floor to accomplish various tasks, knowing that you will be able to stand back up. Low chairs, toilets, and beds are no longer off-limits, since you can transfer to the seat of the IndeeLift and raise yourself to a standing height. You can actually stand on the IndeeLift platform and raise yourself so that you can reach high objects, if you are strong enough to do this safely. If you can’t pick up a heavy object, like a box, you might be able to slide it onto the IndeeLift platform and raise the object high enough to slide it onto a table.

Video: The IndeeLift and Inclusion Body Myositis


Steve Powell is committed to helping the myositis community, and is planning to donate some of his profits to fund IBM research.

Ordering Information, Specifications, and an Additional Review

HFL-400-FTS data sheet

Jerry King of IB Myositis has also posted a YouTube review of the usefulness of the IndeeLift for inclusion body myositis.

Kevin Dooley, MD

July 4, 2021


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