Registration for the 2019 Million Dollar Bike Ride is now open!

You can now join Team Cure IBM and register to be a rider in the Million Dollar Bike Ride on June 8, 2019, in Philadelphia. Sponsored by the Orphan Disease Center of the University of Pennsylvania, this event will allow us to publicize IBM and raise money for an inclusion body myositis research grant.

Riders have a choice of three courses: 13 miles, 34 miles, or 72 miles.Cyclists on a leafy road in the 2018 Million Dollar Bike Ride

You can register to ride “with fundraising” or “without fundraising.”

Fundraising cyclists have a reduced registration fee of $25, but they must raise $250. You will make your own fundraising page (an easy process) using Penn GivingPages. Fundraising cyclists will receive a cycling jersey and a Million Dollar Bike Ride T-shirt.

Cyclists who do not fundraise have a registration fee of $60 (increasing to $80 after April 1). You will receive a Million Dollar Bike Ride T-shirt.

All registration fees go into the inclusion body myositis fund, and help finance the research grant.People registering for the 2018 Million Dollar Bike ride

All riders are valuable to the team. If Team Cure IBM does well, in terms of total dollars raised AND number of riders, we may be invited back next year.

This is a fun event! Food and refreshments will be provided after the ride. You’ll meet a lot of great people, and be part of a team that is working to improve the lives of everyone with inclusion body myositis.People talking and eating after the 2018 Million Dollar Bike Ride

For questions regarding participation in the 2019 Million Dollar Bike Ride, please contact:

Samantha Charleston,, 215-573-6822

or write Cure IBM:

Donations for the Million Dollar Bike Ride are now closed.

Million Dollar Bike Ride website

Rider Registration – (select the “Inclusion Body Myositis” disease team)

If you are plan to register as a rider, please contact Cure IBM.

If you choose to fundraise, you will need to set up a fundraising page on the U Penn website.

Instructions for creating a personal fundraising page for Team Cure IBM in the Million Dollar Bike Ride.

Contact Cure IBM if you would like help setting up a fundraising page.


Reserve soon to guarantee a bike rental. It’s “first-come, first-served” for the most convenient rentals.

Bike Rental Information

Route information and maps

Hotel Information

More information about Team Cure IBM and the Million Dollar Bike Ride

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