Photo of Dr. Steven Greenberg

Dr. Steven Greenberg

The 2019 Million Dollar Bike Ride grant of $102,340 for inclusion body myositis (IBM) research has been awarded to Dr. Steven A. Greenberg of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Dr. Greenberg will study, “Development of a Chemokine Targeted Therapy for Inclusion Body Myositis.”

Dr. Greenberg has a long-standing interest in inclusion body myositis (IBM). As a practicing neuromuscular specialist, he sees first hand the devastating impact this disease has and the lack of treatment available. He has studied IBM for two decades, learning about its pathophysiology, improving diagnostic methods, and developing treatment strategies. This award will allow Dr. Greenberg to advance one of these treatment strategies for IBM.

The money was raised by Team Cure IBM, a group of individuals who banded together to fight for awareness and research of inclusion body myositis, a rare muscle disease that has no effective treatment. Last June thirty people rode for IBM in the Million Dollar Bike Ride, an annual rare disease fundraising event sponsored by the Orphan Disease Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Volunteer fundraisers received contributions from over 400 donors. Orphazyme, the Danish biopharmaceutical company, generously agreed to sponsor our team. The Myositis Association and Myositis Support and Understanding also supported our cause.

It was truly a team effort, and this research grant demonstrates what can be achieved when people work together for IBM.

Because of our achievement, U Penn has invited Team Cure IBM back to ride again in the 2020 Million Dollar Bike Ride. We’re looking forward to having another fun, productive ride in Philadelphia, but we need your help.

Team Cure IBM rides across the finish line

Members of Team Cure IBM 2019 Cross the Finish Line

To sustain our success, we need new people to step forward to ride, work as fundraisers, and donate. Let’s join forces to fight inclusion body myositis!

Donate now!

Riders – You can choose from one of three courses: 13, 34, or 72 miles. The 13 mile course is easy, flat, beautiful, and mostly without cars, suitable for casual riders. You can register to ride without fundraising, or to ride and also fundraise.

Fundraisers – By signing up as a “virtual rider”, you can fundraise without riding. Fundraising is easier than you might think, and more rewarding.

More information is available on the official Million Dollar Bike Ride website.

Kevin Dooley of Cure IBM is happy to help everyone set up a fundraising page (Penn Giving page). Contact him if you would like to ride or fundraise, or if you have any other questions: Email address for Cure IBM

Donations for the Million Dollar Bike Ride are now closed.

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